david birthday day

David's first birthday. What do you do for a one year old's birthday? We took Letty to Chuck E Cheese on her first and I just don't think that is a good idea for D. It'll be the Letty Show, let's be honest. So we started with some over-the-top crazy gifts. Otherwise known as a sheet set for his crib (pirates!) and a sock monkey. Because he likes sock monkeys. Maybe? 

True to fashion he instantly cuddled down into it. With his sister. Naturally. Then we took off with our neighbors to Dutch Wonderland because where else? Letty was very brave and even went near Duke not once, but twice. She also got soaked at the water park. Huge strides. The birthday boy? He went on two new rides. The pandas and the airplanes with his pal Liam. Not a tear was shed. Also, Letty is joining the Amish Order. 

Any of the above pictures that are of any quality were taken by Stephanie. I stoles them. 

Then we took the kids to Sweet Frog again. Except I took zero photos because holy moly that place was packed and it was stressful and I was eating. 

Our kind neighbors cooked for us as well. Aren't they the best? There were capes involved people. 

Yesterday was a good day. It was also the day my little brother graduated from fireman school. So let's just applaud Robbie for a moment now shall we? He's a real deal fireman. I'll send you the calendar as soon as it's released. Because that will happen. All joking aside, we are all just over the moon proud of him. He deserves this and he's going to be the best fireman ever. Like ever. He will always hold a special place in my heart that boy man. Nothing makes me smile more than hearing David is just like his Uncle Robbie with his persistence, his toughness, his sweetness, his little exhausting but oh so adorable ways.  Wish I could have celebrated with you yesterday but there was a little ball of fun that needed froyo. You understand. You used to be a little ball of fun who loved his food. Before you discovered the gym. 

Oh and this picture I stole off my older brother's Facebook page. Because I'm good like that. Rob is the one on the right. Clearly. Congratulations big guy!