david. the birth story

David's first birthday is fast approaching and I find myself reliving last year's July 11th frequently. So I figure that means write it down so I won't forget. Which means that I'll share it with you because that's just how I roll. I've read a lot of birth stories. Some beautiful and some horrifyingly descriptive. I won't do the latter I assure you.

David was due July 6th. I went a week early with Letty, had a fast labor and delivery with her... I ran throughout my pregnancy with D and so my midwives all informed me based on that knowledge that there was no way I was going to make it to full term. I would love to smack each one of them. I prepared for his arrival the beginning of June. I missed my friend's wedding. I missed my Grandma's 80th birthday. I hung out at home. So when July 6th came and went I was, to quote a midwife, prickly. I felt as though he was a month late. I had an appointment July 10th and thankfully they took pity on me. Induction was scheduled the following morning.  

I had never spent a night away from Letty so leaving her was quite upsetting. Even if she was staying with the next best thing to Matt or I, my mom. I cried almost the whole way to the hospital.

Things went as they do. Paperwork. IV. Fluids. Watching TV. By lunch time I figured I had had enough of the contractions so yeah let's just make them go away. My midwife was quite humorous. Anyone who makes jokes about margaritas in their coffee cups gets my vote. Plus she called me sweet pea. Just like my mom used to. 

Stuff started happening rather quickly at that point. My water broke on it's on but then his little heartbeat started plummeting. They put me on oxygen and a medication to slow down contractions. A doctor came in to discuss emergency c-sections. Their best guess was the cord was around his neck. We spent the next few hours doing nothing but staring at the number on the monitor. Watching it go down with every contraction. Watching it go back up again. Etc. You can imagine the thoughts that goes through one's mind at a time like that. Nothing in the world mattered as much as that number going up and down. The next time the midwife checked in she said so you're fully dilated. (Huh?) You'll push and everything is good. I trusted her. I knew if something went badly they could have him out in under 5 minutes. I knew a doctor was close at hand. So I listened. Is that wise? Everything turned out fine so yeah I'd say so but that much blind faith? Maybe not.

There were two students in the room during the actual pushing process. At that point all dignity is gone so who cares the more the merrier. I made jokes about very inappropriate things to lighten the mood. David was in the posterior position (facing up instead of down and sorry that's as graphic as I'll get) so pushing took a wee bit longer than I expected, but it was still only 35 minutes or so. 

At 5:08 p.m. he entered this world. Weighing in at 8 pounds 11 ounces and 21 inches. My boy. My sweet happy baby boy. 

And he was perfect. He just didn't want to leave the comfort of his first home. I'm far too strong-willed to allow that, hence the induction. It's very indicative of my children's personalities... Their birth stories. Letty came a week early and very quickly. D could have cared less. She can't wait to be on the move. He is content.  These two. I'll tell ya.

Update: My sister-in-law was so kind as to photograph these lovely first days. She is the best.