On the Chalkboard: Just because it's the week of the Fourth. And because I'm slightly obsessed with my chalkboard wall.

Reading: The Red Tent. It's okay as far as biblical historical novels go. Not that I've read many. I'd like to know how much is based on the truth. Either way it was a completely foreign way of life. So there.

Watching with Matt: The Walking Dead Season 3. Just like I needed more reasons to wake up in the middle of the night.

Eating: Lots of sweet corn. Tis the season. 

Drinking: Boxed white wine. Just to class it up for you. But this is nothing new. 

Planning: David's First Birthday party. There shall be pirates. There shall be rum. There shall be good food. Oh and I suppose since this is a child's birthday party I should mention there will also be a bounce house and cake and presents. But mostly rum.

Thinking about: Buying a Lifeproof case. I hear it's water proof and that gives me enough motivation. Chitlens splash.

Watching on The Treadmill: The Shining. Treadmill running requires something very entertaining to watch. While this movie is quite quiet it is also quite suspenseful. This makes for a good run. Also I love Stephen King. And Jack Nicholson. Eek.  Hereeeee's Johnnny!

As I type this: When this happens it should be documented. Girl needed her sleep.

And yeah. So happy Tuesday!