who david is at one year

One year. So much faster with my second baby than my first. Like fast fast. So what did this month bring him? Besides these adorable photos?

These photos were clearly taken by a professional. My sister-in-law Ashley. More to come just you wait. And some of Letty too. Yay!

He has decided walking is just fine with him. His favorite toys are ones he can push that also make noise while being pushed. Particularly the car with the sock monkey. He sleeps with his butt in the air. He follows his sister everywhere. He is a huge cuddler. He squints his eyes when he smiles. He is persistent. He is curious. He is always on the move. He loves to be tickled and hung upside down. His favorite foods are chocolate Cheerios, pancakes, french fries, mac and cheese and chicken nuggets. His hair is certainly not from Matt or I as it is almost blonde. It is long and starting to cover his ears. And yes. One curl. 

//the squint\\

See? Boy would not sit still!

He is wrapping up the year with 8 teeth. He's wearing a solid 12 month size clothes, but almost out of it. His feet are so fat like his father's that I can barely squeeze them into his baby crocs. Hobbits these Olsens. Mickey makes him smile. And sometimes even dance. Or as his sister points out: shake your booty. And we are working on getting her to stop saying booty. Pillows? They are the cat's pajamas. He goes to sleep by 8:30 and wakes up by 7:30. He doesn't make a peep all night and he has never slept in our bed. We got one good sleeper yay! He puts both hands straight up in the air when he wants to be held. He says 'mo' or 'ahdan' when he wants you to do something again. Usually tickling. 

Happy first birthday my no longer baby Baby D! Do you know you are loved? Because you are so loved you handsome, sweet, funny little boy you. Today we are taking you to Dutch Wonderland and then out for some froyo.  Because, yolo.  

And that's the end of my monthly posts. Since Letty's birthday is just a few weeks away I thought I would give her a post all her own. So get ready for that.