who david is at 11 months

Another month by like a flash. I'm in full on party planning mode. Trying to keep everything as fair as possible. As a second child myself I must see to this. Every kid deserves an extra large first birthday party right? Right? So this month we've got a David that:

- Walks. That's huge. Although he has decided crawling is more efficient. 
- Eats people food. Consistently. Really enjoys chicken nuggets and fries. Mom of the year award.
- Ate his first sand.
- Trills his tongue. He's either Chewbacca or a Spanish something-or-other. Ole. 
- Needs to be pinned down for every single diaper change. 
- Has officially eaten off all the finish on the sides of his crib. 
- Drinks milk. 
- Looks like the whop baby he is. Minus the slowly lightening hair. He's got a serious tan.
- Loves trains. Rode his first ride without mommy. The bulldozer. Such a boy. 
- We are pretty sure he says 'more'. Sort of sounds like 'mo' which I guess could be mom. But eh. We go with more. 
- Loves to be held and hug. 
- Has a wee bit of a wave in said hair. 

//this is a signature move of his father's\\

Let's talk Letty shall we? This month two of her baby words went away. Pasta is no longer paas. Sippy is no longer see. It wasn't the second syllable that threw her. It was just one of her things. She still says Nonna as Whoa and Avery as E. When those go I will need longer than a moment to recover. Dutch Wonderland is Dutch Wee. She can get her own fruit snacks out of the pantry AND open them. I foresee this being a huge issue. She's got this hair that's just getting longer and longer. Which happens when you never cut it I guess. But those curls. You can't blame me. She's very rough with her brother. I sound like a broken record. She's becoming a cleaner. Perhaps a bit OCD like her mother? This goes there and clean this up, etc. If you were to go to the dictionary and look up "strong-willed child" you would see a photo of Letteria. She would probably be smiling and saying "cheese" but don't let that fool you. She's just photogenic. 

I love them. These two little creatures of mine.