wedding day part one

Disclaimer of sorts: When one is in a bridal party it's hard to remember to get photographic evidence. When one has two children at the wedding AND in a bridal party forget it. That said I'm a bit crazy for pictures so I think I have a few good ones to choose from. Ha.

The day started bright and early (for some) at the Destinations Hair Studio and Day Spa at The Inn. Beth and our sister-in-law Ashley and I got to partake in mimosas and fruit as we got our hair did. 

Looking good right? I wish I could say those curls of mine stayed in... But sadly they moved on. 

The rest of the bridal party met us at a local pizzeria for some carb time.  Except for that girl that got a salad. Schade. Luckily our rooms were available after lunch and we were able to start getting ready. After I ran around like a mad woman prepping the room for it's future tiny inhabitants that is. Makeup was put on. Dresses were put on. Flowers arrived. Photographer arrived. Lots of photos. She looked so beautiful my sister. 

//it's happening.\\

Oh and we were mooned by a groomsman. Which as the classy broad that I am I LOVED. I enjoy a good giggle. 

We had a last minute oh crap! Beth needs something blue! Luckily my parent's neighbor was able to go get the missing item. A handkerchief. An old one. With blue embroidered names of every bride on my mother's side who has carried it on her wedding day. Starting back with my Grammy in the forties and now up to Beth. Since it was such a late addition it was stuffed into her cleavage. Just in case you were starting to tear up reading about that I thought I would class it up for you. 

The bride and groom did a "first glance" photo shoot (with bandanna and all) so that's why we all got to hang out beforehand.  The ceremony started at 6:00 p.m. Guests were greeted with a wine reception upon arrival (amazing right?!). Unfortunately I have zero pictures during this time. I had a job to do. My father had requested all the guests on the bride's side to wear sunglasses ala Runaway Bride. We could all use a bit lightening of the mood and there's nothing like looking out at your family and friends and staring into a sea of sunglasses to lighten the mood. I ended up having to walk with Letty down the aisle but I liked that. We walked down to Iron & Wine's Flightless Bird American Mouth. That's the extent of me remembering what songs were played. Sorry. 

The Inn has these huge barn doors that were closed after the bridal party came in. They were then opened for the bride's reveal...and wow. What a moment. And I'm not one for moments. Instant tears. My sister carried a bouquet of lilies with a photo pendant of my Grandma who passed away in January. Letty ran back and forth between sides. She wanted to sit with her fellow flower girl. At one point she yelled are you ok daddy? Again, lightening the mood. I hope that the photographer got at least one shot where I'm not giving her the stink eye. I hope her distractions didn't upset people or take away from the ceremony. It was a beautiful ceremony. And I wasn't a sobbing mess for long. Let's all remember next time to make sure we have tissues!!! What would we have done without a baby wipe passed down the line for Beth? Wet to wet equals dry yes?

Oh! And they were wed.