ways i entertain the little guy

Sometimes you've just got to get creative. The days of sitting him down with a toy or two are long gone. And this guy? He's persistent. One. Track. Mind. I'm not lucky enough to have a padded cell room in our house (it is on the list for the future) so I had to find ways to lock this kid down.

The stroller. This one is special. It contains two for the price of one. Added bonus? Exercise. Sometimes I take multiple walks just to get a break. A little bottle (milk not wine silly). Some goldfish. Golden. 

Pack and Play. This sucker never gets packed let's be honest. I highly doubt D even thinks 'play' when he sees it. More like solitary confinement. This is where he goes while I shower. My toilet paper roll thanks me. 

High chair. D can feed himself his bottle in here. You can't imagine the amount of work you can get done once he can feed himself. Strap him in. Recline. Wala. 

Crib. Lights out pal. That's all there is.

Pillow. This does nothing to contain him but does loads to entertain. I don't get it. He loves them. He doesn't discriminate either. He nuzzles on in. Face first ass up.  He yells into it. Definitely comes in handy.

Swing. While I garden. While I soak up some sun. While I drink.

This gate. When I first looked at our death trap stairs I was perplexed. How does one attach a gate? Thankfully I have my husband for such unanswerable questions. This was before Pinterest and the wonder of PVC pipes and fabric and sewing and that sort of thing. 

Bounce house. This little beauty we got from our neighbors that I'm sure you are all so sick of hearing about. Can't help it. Love them. Anyways it's a great safe space as long as no other kid is in there with him. He did discover the slide though so this may be off the list soon.

I feel as though these are obvious choices. Yet sometimes I find myself reminding The Hubs that it's okay to put him in a safe place while ya get shit done. No harm. 

On side note school must be out. My walk today was riddled with youth. The hooligans. But this also means I've got my neighbor back!!! This makes me happy.