two tough cookies did a 5k

So the Trovato's. We are runners. Some of us have been at it for quite some time. Some of us are relatively new to the game. Doesn't matter. Sunday night my dad ran a 5k within a month of having a stroke. Also on this momentous Sunday night my mom walked her first ever 5k after surviving stage 3C ovarian cancer and 5 chemo treatments (one. more. round). So I'd say yeah, I have pretty bad ass parents. 

This past Sunday was Manheim's first Rock-N-Glow 5k. And let me just say, well done Manheim. Decent t-shirt. Great theme. I enjoyed all my glow sticks. They had a dozen vendors or so. One of which promised glow in the dark hair gel which I can attest to the fact that is a false statement. There was a band. Over 1,500 registered participants. Quite the turnout. The residents of Manheim proper were out to show their support. With a hose. With their cheering. With their boasting glass of adult beverage. The pricks. Just kidding. 

My sister and I were my dad's wingmen that night. And it was kind of a big deal. He's 57. Just had a stroke. And he ran a 5k. None of us got a PR that night but we could have cared less. I felt sort of honored to run next to him. To see him just keep on going. We crossed the finish line in just shy of 34 minutes. Which I'm pretty proud of and he should be as well.

My mom. She finished in under 60 minutes. I'm not going to lie my very insensitive heart was bursting with pride waiting for her at the finish line. I may have shed a tear. My parents. This year. They are amazing. Let's all just applaud my parents.

//my sister getting her hair gelled. that then did NOT glow.\\