two days two trips to dw

So we took my mom to Dutch Wonderland to occupy her so she wouldn't feel the whole empty nest thing. That and we love her. So why not?

It was hot. And I mean HOT. I don't think I've sweat that much in a LONG time. Disgustingly hot. But Letty true to form wanted to move on from the water park fairly early on that day. She had some shows to see afterall. Story time. Diving, etc. Then we started putting David on more rides. Because he walks and he seems to be fearless as long as his sister is along for the ride. She would hold his hand. She would give him too many rough kisses that other parents thought was just adorable. Awh all you want folks that girl's a killah. 

//D's first panda\\

//nonna's first turn on the cars\\

\\D's first turn on the cars\\

//D's first big rig\\

//D's first train\\

//letty's first bridge.

Let me tell you it really stinks sweating all day long in almost 90 degree heat only to get into a black Jeep that has black interior that's been parked outside baking all day. Oh that Jeep does not have AC. Let's not forget that. That's the biggest stink of all. But we will do it all over again the very next day. Because we are crazay like that.

The NEXT day was a very IMPORTANT day. It was Duke's (the purple dragon. duh.) surprise birthday party! That place gave me a case of the panics. Too many kids. Not enough adults. Too much of everything except free food. Maybe Duke likes spicy chicken but that's not wise for your party guests. The free chips and juice were a big hit as well as the cupcakes. Yes, Duke was surprised. I hope he liked our gift! David didn't cry during the surprise! and Letty didn't cry when everyone sang Happy Birthday. Breakthrough on both levels. AND Letty got her hair wet today at the water park. She might have even LIKED it. 

//the only two kids brave enough to stand by duke\\

//she is on an icing only diet\\

//so is he\\

//tee minus two minutes till avery joins the boys. tee minus 15 till letty caves.\\

Also? Need a minivan. Those things are amazing. 

The end.