the great ice cream truck caper

As a parent you sometimes do things that are a bit silly a time or two.  The other night this silly thing involved a certain slightly creepy ice cream truck and two very desperate little girls. Having never grown up with one of these around the parents moms felt like it was important for our girls to be a part of one of the truck's first visits to our development. Except by the time we wrangled together enough cash said truck was gone. So began the caper.

//can you say hello blonde?\\

Steph went off as a scout in one direction. Nothing. The sound was deceiving. It echoed off the homes and sent us on a wild goose chase. As the truck played Christmas carols somewhere else the kids played with the goats. Then I went off in another direction only to come up empty handed as well...nothing but a dream of a SUV to pass along our ice cream truck wish. Apparently this truck is hard to find and in high demand.

Finally. The sound was near. The girls were set. Off we went! Truck. Found. 

//told you it was slightly creepy\\

And then we got hosed. Down right highway robbery. Next time remind me to have Steph negotiate. 

But it's summer and visiting ice cream trucks in pajamas to me spells summer. Like Sandlot summer. The stuff dreams are made of.