the day that we threw 28 bucks away and then the day after

On Matt's second day off, otherwise known as Friday, I convinced him to try out the Mount Gretna Lake. Normally we go to Gretna for the Jigger Shop (What is a Jigger? Sounds like something I could get in trouble for saying.). Looking back we should have just spent the $28 lake entrance fee on ice cream instead. Matt pronounced himself a sand snob shortly upon arrival. While it wasn't dirty per se it certainly wasn't Half Moon Cay in the Bahamas. The water wasn't dirty per se but see prior sentence. Which I mean, it's a lake. Yes, I am aware. But when a baby puts sand in his mouth you cringe and just wish it was the very best sand. Letty heard our discussions and diagnosed the water as gross. Such a sad sad waste of money. And time. And anxiety. But at least we can cross baby's first sand experience off the list. This lake was also the scene of Letty's first experience with those granules just two short years ago. So it's come full circle really. 

So we left after only an hour and a half. Whoops. But we have a nice clean kiddie pool and water table on a shaded deck with beverages. So. Win. 

Sunday Saturday we made a last minute trip to DW with our wonderful neighbors. Nothing exciting necessarily happened unless you include Letty's general refusal to do anything and David's constant roaming. We gave up quickly. But not before D got soaked. And enjoyed it. Thatta boy. 

//Liam not so much\\

//cue heart melting\\

And Newsflash: D walks!!!