slides are where it's at

Operation Occupy Mom is still underway this week. I'm sick of the heat and the intermittent thunderstorms so I decided an indoor activity was on the menu. I chose That Bounce Place. We had a gift certificate from Christmas courtesy of our lovely neighbors. It's time we used it methinks.

Typical of Letty, she didn't remove her finger from her mouth for the first half hour. It's her nervous habit developed from too many years of nuk usage. She loves her own bounce house but large ones? With lots of kids? Noise? She becomes a wallflower. One step at a time she warmed up. First on the toddler slide and slowly working her way up to wait what? THE BIGGEST EFFING SLIDE THEY GOT!? The cord has been cut. She was on that slide like white is on rice. She fell in love, etc. 

Baby D could only eat so many goldfish before his agitation got the best of him. Poor thing. He likes to bounce too but is too young (says who!?). I will save the rest of the gift certificate till you can go big guy. Maybe the fall....just don't you go down that big slide just yet. 

//three foot slide\\

//still in the toddler section. i'll take it.\\



//this is the slide where she saw the BIG one.\\

//and said: i want to go to there.\\

//deep breaths mom\\

//she goes so fast. it's a blur.\\

To get a better idea of said slide I give you a video: