rehearsal dinner

Coming off of a wedding weekend always is a bit of a downer. Especially when that wedding was quite fun. And when it was my baby sister's wedding. Luckily I get to relive it on here! So get ready for the first of many wedding posts. Ahem.

Friday night was the rehearsal dinner at the wedding venue. We were unable to rehearse in the actual room at the Inn at Leola Village but if you've been in one wedding you can pretty much figure it out. Quick and painless which is how I like it. Letty cried/ran down the aisle and required me to hold her. This bodes well for the ceremony.

//photos courtesy of Ashley's iPhone\\

The dinner was at Fiorentino's. It's a restaurant IN an airport. This occupied the kids as you can imagine. The food was good. My sister's future in-laws, the Sauders, brought in marvelous cupcakes. There were fireflies (Letty even touched one!). Outside, not in. The bride gave out French-made bracelets (from France ya'll) and earrings to the big girls, and flower clips and bracelets for the little girls. I got booze. And a charm for my bracelet. That bride. My girl was a sleep walker at the restaurant but refused to fall asleep on the way home. Too much fun!

And before we knew it... It was done. One more sleep till the wedding. Tomorrow I'll get started on the actual wedding. Oh! And thank you Mr. and Mrs. Sauder for the lovely dinner!