post-wedding day day

I think I can say without much exaggeration that we slept less than four hours. An air-conditioning issue. A midnight bedtime. A 6:15 wake up call from a little girl. The sun is out!!! That's what she said. Kids.

We had lots of things to pack up and we needed McDonald's. We hit up The Inn's pool which was the first of the season. It's a gorgeous pool. 

Then we took a party of 19 to Miller's Smorgasbord. Just let that sink in. We were savages. Ate that place clean. No house. No home. 

Matt and D took a much needed nap when we got home. I took a much needed run. Our neighbors were sweet and cooked us dinner and we went to bed stat.

So that's the end to a lovely wedding weekend. My baby sister is now a Mrs. She's not such a baby anymore. Sigh. There were many things to celebrate. And that is the last of my wedding posts. Perhaps until the photographer's pictures are in. Perhaps.