papa gigio

My father. Where do I even begin.

This man loves his family. I mean really. It's the most important thing. He would do anything for anyone of us. He is a man who LOVES his family. I cannot stress that enough. He's funny. Quite the jokester. He's been making me laugh my entire life... and now it's our turn to repay that favor. He has such a work ethic. He's made sure to instill the same ethic in each of us and has succeeded. He always wants us to do the right thing, even if it isn't easy. He isn't afraid to stand up to us with his opinions - and man does he have them. He's loud. He loves to travel. He is a wonderful grandfather. He is the head of the family. He LOVES my mom. 

Happy Father's Day Papa! PAPA. I like it when you call me BIG PAPA!

Oh, and sorry Letty isn't very nice to you.

Below are some examples of my brother(s) terrorizing my father. I like to think it makes him happy: