norman reedus

So this guy. A bad. Ass. 

I first learned of Mr. Reedus in the legendary movie Boondocks Saints. One of my favorites. In this movie his character is an Irish Bostonian. I feel like that says it all. There's everything sexy and yet bad about him and his brother. There is just something about Irish accents and pea coats and cigarettes and profanities and Catholics. This movie. Call me crazy. If you've seen it you'd understand the rambling description. You'd get it. 

Since then not much on the Reedus front from my perspective. Enter: The Walking Dead. Yikes. Not a show for the weak hearted. I have to watch regular tv after an episode just to go to sleep without nightmares.  Whenever Norman is on the scene I feel like he steals it. For those unawares, zombies have taken over. Only a few humans are left. Initially we think Norman's character Daryl is just a hick. A horrible hick. Then he starts to change without us really noticing. Perhaps the wine? Trying to find a missing girl in season two? Daryl? Well okay. 

Then this happened: He kills two zombies. Pulls an arrow out of his side. Then cuts ears off said zombies and wears them as a necklace. Yeah. Like I said. Not for the weak of heart. 

Then I think... I'm watching this madness?