letty cam

Back by popular demand... it's the Letty Cam! She is improving people you've got to give her that. Soon she'll be just like her Aunt Ashley. So without further ado... here is her latest installment:

//uncle scoops sleeps\\

//smiling poppop\\

//baby d and toys\\

//toys and mommy's newest pedicure\\

//nonna and baby d's build-a-bear\\

//poppop and baby d's build-a-bear\\

//my cabbage patch doll being fed yogurt\\
p.s. mommy smash after seeing this

//my craft station/wine crate\\

//aunt ashley silliness\\

//silly sisters\\

//uncle tolt\\

//uncle bubba with fireplace and mommy/daddy drink\\

//our walk and someone's messy garage\\

//daddy silly\\

Happy Friday everyone! Have a great weekend.