i'm just waving my hick flag

Oregon Dairy's Family Farm Days. Around these here parts Oregon Dairy is a grocery store that makes its own ice cream. I guess? And it's a farm. With cows.

Every year they have three farm days. The kids can sit in tractors. Pet animals. Play with corn. Ride a tractor through a dairy barn. Get free ice cream and chocolate milk which is what I'm all about. 

Yesterday is our second attempt. Last year Letty was a bit under the weather and cried throughout the tractor ride. This year she wanted to go into the cow's house even if it meant going on those ridiculous tractors. When she thought no one was watching she even went through the hay bale tunnel. But I saw her. I'm on to that one. She touched a chick with just one finger tip after much cajoling. She was there for the food I guess. Those mini ice cream cones! 

But hey. It was free and it was something to do. And it wasn't raining. And there's a decent park. So it's awesome in a two year old's eyes. 

Oh! And D loved the tractor. And the cows. And the people watching. That boy. 

Oh and we made the news!

So yeah. We will go back next year.