first kiss. wait, what?

I saw this topic suggestion for this Whatever Wednesdays and immediately said I ain't doing it. But then I would miss the point of it all.

So in an effort to be a lady... and remember that I am a mom of two... and married...I was going to write about my first kiss with Matt. But then he told me about HIS first kiss and well. That's just a much better story than our first kiss. 

My husband went to Mennonite school. After that sinks in: he went to Hinkletown Mennonite. I wish I was making that name up. But sadly, I am not. You could Google what it is to be a Mennonite. But in short, they are a Protestant religion that focuses a lot on peace. I think? Some of them around here wear coverings similar to the Amish. Some dress plainly, etc. Now my husband is not Mennonite. He just went to the school. To be absolutely clear. Not. Mennonite. 

So he says he was in 8th grade. He was pulled out of the hallway (by a girl) into a dark computer lab. Where he was then kissed.  Sounds like he was accosted. I think he liked it. 

//my husband in 8th grade. we all think. in a compromising, clearly not Mennonite position.\\

And that's the story of how my non-Mennonite husband was forcefully kissed  at a private Mennonite school. Private school. Tisk tisk. 

Our first kiss was in the Fall of 2004. In my parent's basement. While watching Scarface. We are ever the romantics. See? I told you his was far more interesting.