bride. bridesmaids. booze. bachelorette.

Beets. Bears. Battlestar Gallactica. If you got The Office reference we could be friends. Moving on.

I had to hold off on writing this post for a day because let's be honest. I needed to not relive it right away. My stomach/head said no. But that's passed. I'm getting far too old for this sort of behavior. I just want everyone to know that I am aware of that.

So. Sister's Bachelorette. She didn't really know what we had planned although I'm sure she suspected. We all had our bridesmaids/bride/matron of honor tanks from Etsy. She got a hangover kit from me (which I should have stolen right back that little high-tolerance thing.). Some lingerie. A very special mixed tape CD. Etc. More spoiling and being the center of attention. It's her favorite thing.

//the bridal party\\

So. Off to the spa. Emerald Springs Spa to be exact. These poor unsuspecting people. They didn't even know what hit them. The noise. Sorry! Some of us got manis. Some pedis. We may have been ignoring the "soft voices please" sign. Maybe. I had Colton answer some questions beforehand and then tested the bride and bridesmaids. I'm happy to say she got the most answers correct; Colton is unhappy with how few she got right (13 out of 22). We all learned that apparently they will be trying for six. Kids. 

//only a trovato would enjoy a quiz on her bachelorette\\

After our treatments we changed and headed across the street to Ciro's Italian Bistro. I may be many things but here I was a good planner. No driving? The convenience abounds. The food is also very good. Although at this point I think we could have hit up McDonald's and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. We had a private room so the noise level wasn't actually an issue. Here we were joined by three more lovely ladies. 

//the whole group\\

Off to the bars. Because well, we weren't liquored up enough apparently and the night was young. And this is what bachelorette parties are mostly about right? No? Our first stop was Annie Bailey's. I like the atmosphere there. Outdoor bar. Win, win right? No. Not for these extremely full girls.  I debated internally about playing the 'old mom' card and calling it a night but then I thought twice. After all my sister will only be getting married once. So this little hiccup was nothing a shot and a wee walk to another bar couldn't fix. 

//as seen on our walk. where she got her marriage license. groundbreaking\\

Second stop: Marion Court. I haven't been here since before I was married. I'm aging myself. We got some Alabama Slammers (yikes). The shot that shouldn't be a drink. Things picked up with a little Q&A for the bride. And they have a seriously entertaining bathroom. This is where my husband (as he was looking through my phone) turned to me and said, I can see when things started to go into a downward spiral. My photos lack focus. Shots of people's feet. But hey I was trying right? Right.

//how many people have peed on this piano?\\

Third stop: Alley Kat. Cheap booze. That's all you need to know. Also I was able to set up a charging station. Our phones were dying quickly. Shots. Shots. Shots.

Fourth and final stop: Belvedere. It was dark. Swanky. Dancing. The pictures on my phone were slowly becoming more and more blurry. The laughter was going up another octave. These girls. They are awesome. Nuff said.  By 1:00 a.m. I was tired and looking for my bed. My lovely sister-in-law drove my neighbor and I home which I will be forever grateful. Also grateful for the signs The Hubs had all over the house telling me to drink water.

I hope Beth had fun. I know I did. I got to pretend I was 23 for the night. And all with my sister and my best friend and a group of absolutely fabulous ladies. My sister is lucky to have them all. Thank you to all of them for making this such a special night for Betha. And thank you to the responsible ones that drove us around. ;)