a post for matt

This man. I say it often. I hit the jackpot. We all know this. As a husband the man can do no wrong. He cooks. Not just for myself and the kids but for my entire family. Regularly. Enormous spreads that should be featured on cooking shows. My chef. He does the grocery shopping. Yes ladies this man buys me tampons. Ding ding jackpot! He actually does little things every day so I can feel his love. Maybe make the bed. Maybe unload the dishwasher. Maybe load up the car. The list goes on. He even puts the toilet seat down. He is kind. He is smart. He is important.

What he does for me is nothing compared to what he does for these kids. Get up early. Get them breakfast. Get them dressed. Build a tent. Go for a walk. Get ice for a sippy. Give a tubby. Brush their hair. Tickle them. Teach cooking skills. Check on wine production. Sneak an extra story at bed time (I'm on to him). Hands. On. I could rave for days but I don't want to make anyone jealous. ;) 

Happy Father's Day Matteo-San (a day early I know). I will always make sure these kids know how wonderfully lucky they are in the dad department.