a few firsts

So after the Blog Every Day in May Challenge wrapped up I was feeling a bit lost. Maybe more like bored? I work well on a schedule. So when another blogger I "met" through the challenge suggested "Whatever Wednesdays" as another topic generator I was all in. Today's topic is firsts. If you're anything like The Hubs you probably are thinking that means one thing and one thing only. You are aren't you? Tisk tisk. So then I'll be talking about my FIRST wedding. Just kidding.

I really had no idea where to go with this. So I started looking through old photos for inspiration. I came across my first (and last) hot air balloon ride. I figured that's pretty cool so I'll go with that.

This was a college graduation gift from my mother-in-law. After it was rescheduled a few times because of inclement weather/wind/a slight breeze we finally got it nailed down a year after our graduation. And believe me, I'm very glad they cancel flights that easily. Creaky basket up in the air when it's windy? No thank you.

It was a gorgeous day and I had a sun burn. I remember that much. I also remember that I was positively terrified. It's hot up there under those flames which only exaggerated the sunburn. The flames are loud. The creaking of the basket did nothing to calm my nerves. I feel the need to remark that I was in full-fledged wedding diet mode. And yes we were babies then.

The view. That was pretty sweet. It wasn't The Alps or anything but it was gorgeous up there.

And then when we landed we were greeted by a bunch of Amish kids who apparently deflate these balloons often. Oh and they gave us champagne. The balloon people not the Amish. They frown on that sort of thing.

//i'm only smiling on the outside\\

So there. A first. And a last.

Oh and another first? I thought I would try uploading a video. So what if it's 7 years old? It's digital.