slides are where it's at

Operation Occupy Mom is still underway this week. I'm sick of the heat and the intermittent thunderstorms so I decided an indoor activity was on the menu. I chose That Bounce Place. We had a gift certificate from Christmas courtesy of our lovely neighbors. It's time we used it methinks.

Typical of Letty, she didn't remove her finger from her mouth for the first half hour. It's her nervous habit developed from too many years of nuk usage. She loves her own bounce house but large ones? With lots of kids? Noise? She becomes a wallflower. One step at a time she warmed up. First on the toddler slide and slowly working her way up to wait what? THE BIGGEST EFFING SLIDE THEY GOT!? The cord has been cut. She was on that slide like white is on rice. She fell in love, etc. 

Baby D could only eat so many goldfish before his agitation got the best of him. Poor thing. He likes to bounce too but is too young (says who!?). I will save the rest of the gift certificate till you can go big guy. Maybe the fall....just don't you go down that big slide just yet. 

//three foot slide\\

//still in the toddler section. i'll take it.\\



//this is the slide where she saw the BIG one.\\

//and said: i want to go to there.\\

//deep breaths mom\\

//she goes so fast. it's a blur.\\

To get a better idea of said slide I give you a video:

two days two trips to dw

So we took my mom to Dutch Wonderland to occupy her so she wouldn't feel the whole empty nest thing. That and we love her. So why not?

It was hot. And I mean HOT. I don't think I've sweat that much in a LONG time. Disgustingly hot. But Letty true to form wanted to move on from the water park fairly early on that day. She had some shows to see afterall. Story time. Diving, etc. Then we started putting David on more rides. Because he walks and he seems to be fearless as long as his sister is along for the ride. She would hold his hand. She would give him too many rough kisses that other parents thought was just adorable. Awh all you want folks that girl's a killah. 

//D's first panda\\

//nonna's first turn on the cars\\

\\D's first turn on the cars\\

//D's first big rig\\

//D's first train\\

//letty's first bridge.

Let me tell you it really stinks sweating all day long in almost 90 degree heat only to get into a black Jeep that has black interior that's been parked outside baking all day. Oh that Jeep does not have AC. Let's not forget that. That's the biggest stink of all. But we will do it all over again the very next day. Because we are crazay like that.

The NEXT day was a very IMPORTANT day. It was Duke's (the purple dragon. duh.) surprise birthday party! That place gave me a case of the panics. Too many kids. Not enough adults. Too much of everything except free food. Maybe Duke likes spicy chicken but that's not wise for your party guests. The free chips and juice were a big hit as well as the cupcakes. Yes, Duke was surprised. I hope he liked our gift! David didn't cry during the surprise! and Letty didn't cry when everyone sang Happy Birthday. Breakthrough on both levels. AND Letty got her hair wet today at the water park. She might have even LIKED it. 

//the only two kids brave enough to stand by duke\\

//she is on an icing only diet\\

//so is he\\

//tee minus two minutes till avery joins the boys. tee minus 15 till letty caves.\\

Also? Need a minivan. Those things are amazing. 

The end. 

post-wedding day day

I think I can say without much exaggeration that we slept less than four hours. An air-conditioning issue. A midnight bedtime. A 6:15 wake up call from a little girl. The sun is out!!! That's what she said. Kids.

We had lots of things to pack up and we needed McDonald's. We hit up The Inn's pool which was the first of the season. It's a gorgeous pool. 

Then we took a party of 19 to Miller's Smorgasbord. Just let that sink in. We were savages. Ate that place clean. No house. No home. 

Matt and D took a much needed nap when we got home. I took a much needed run. Our neighbors were sweet and cooked us dinner and we went to bed stat.

So that's the end to a lovely wedding weekend. My baby sister is now a Mrs. She's not such a baby anymore. Sigh. There were many things to celebrate. And that is the last of my wedding posts. Perhaps until the photographer's pictures are in. Perhaps. 

first kiss. wait, what?

I saw this topic suggestion for this Whatever Wednesdays and immediately said I ain't doing it. But then I would miss the point of it all.

So in an effort to be a lady... and remember that I am a mom of two... and married...I was going to write about my first kiss with Matt. But then he told me about HIS first kiss and well. That's just a much better story than our first kiss. 

My husband went to Mennonite school. After that sinks in: he went to Hinkletown Mennonite. I wish I was making that name up. But sadly, I am not. You could Google what it is to be a Mennonite. But in short, they are a Protestant religion that focuses a lot on peace. I think? Some of them around here wear coverings similar to the Amish. Some dress plainly, etc. Now my husband is not Mennonite. He just went to the school. To be absolutely clear. Not. Mennonite. 

So he says he was in 8th grade. He was pulled out of the hallway (by a girl) into a dark computer lab. Where he was then kissed.  Sounds like he was accosted. I think he liked it. 

//my husband in 8th grade. we all think. in a compromising, clearly not Mennonite position.\\

And that's the story of how my non-Mennonite husband was forcefully kissed  at a private Mennonite school. Private school. Tisk tisk. 

Our first kiss was in the Fall of 2004. In my parent's basement. While watching Scarface. We are ever the romantics. See? I told you his was far more interesting. 


wedding day part two

Cocktail Hour. Normally music to my ears. Today I had promised my mother to be "good" until my speech was done. Mothers. I'm sure the appetizers were delicious. I don't think I had much time to eat between chasing after one of two kids and visiting with relatives.

Beth and Colton had written up a little bio about every member of their bridal party. It was a fun way for people to learn about the party and hey, who doesn't love reading material at these sorts of things? I know I do. There were rocks for guests to sign with wishes for the bride and groom. Lots of activities. Lots of drinks. 

After an hour the room where the ceremony was had been transformed. The barn doors were opened once more and this time guests were seated at their tables. Bridal party was announced. The bride and groom danced. I lied I remembered another song. They danced to John Hiatt's Have a Little Faith in Me. The best man gave a speech. This was all a blur. Full on panic was happening in my head. I had practiced my speech for weeks and could say it in my sleep. But still. The people. They were looking at me. I only forgot one line which no one noticed. And Beth wouldn't even look at me. Cheater. Here's what I said... sort of. In case anyone is wondering, or if Beth wants to relive it again:

Good evening everybody! I'm Laurie, and I'm Beth's older sister. Before I get started I just wanted to thank each and everyone of you for coming here  today and showing your support for the lovely bride and groom. I also want to thank my mom and dad for hosting party for us all to enjoy. I know it's going to be a good time. 
Some of you have heard me say this before but I'll say it again, Beth was the best Christmas present I ever received. Way back in 1989 I was just a girl with nothing but brothers. So you can imagine how much I smothered that poor unsuspecting baby girl. She has brought all of us such joy, and I know she will bring joy into Colton's life as well. 

Today... and basically everyday, I look at Beth with a bit of a motherly feeling. Which I can't help-blame it on the 6 year age difference. So when she pronounced almost two years ago (through a text message mind you) that she was going to be marrying Colton I was a bit taken aback.  At the time they weren't even engaged yet. That's an important step before marriage. I didn't know Colton. He hadn't been around that long... Maybe a month or two. At the time of the text message he was currently across the world in Australia. 

But then I remembered who I was talking to. And I knew she knew what she was doing. You see Beth is the opposite of impulsive. She's responsible. A planner. She's an old soul. So when she does get around to FINALLY making a decision, you better believe she's covered all her bases. You can trust her. 

I knew then that the geographic distance would not be an issue for them. I knew that when Colton returned six months later he would propose. I knew that Beth would say yes. I knew I would have an awfully lot of wedding planning to do. I knew today would come. Because Beth said it would.  I'm so very glad that you've found another old soul. 

My greatest wish for you two is that through the years, your love for each other will deepen and grow. Years from now, may you look back on this day, your wedding day, as the day you loved each other the least. 

Let's all raise our glasses and wish my sister and her husband a lifetime of love and health - may you always be surrounded by family and friends who love you. I wish you both the best. To Beth and Colton!

I celebrated with a big glass of wine and then started eating. Soup. Salad. Beef. Etc. 

During the whole wedding planning process I always intended on making a speedy exit to the restroom for the father-daughter dance. If my dance with my dad was any indication I surely did not have enough waterproof mascara on for a repeat. When the time came I actually didn't need an excuse to leave. Letty took off for the bar room and so as her mother I had to follow. They danced to Paul Simon's Father/Daughter Song. I'm sure it was beautiful and I'm looking forward to seeing the pictures.

The photo booth arrival made my night. My fridge looks like this now:

My brother-in-law and sister-in-law surprised us with a last minute change in plans that meant we could put David to sleep in the hotel room and they would stay with him. VICTORY! Freedom! Etc. Etc.

David had it by 9... Letty made it till almost 11 and that was because I was carrying her while dancing. She loved the dancing. There was lots of it. Lots of people acting silly. Fun fun fun.

//matt was putting david down and this is how I saved his plate. thanks to ashley's creativity.\\

//the closest thing i have to a family picture. missing my david of course. yeah she's pretty much asleep.\\

Thank you again to everyone who was there and who helped and...yeah. It was such a fun wedding. It was wonderful to be surrounded by everyone you love and just be happy and celebrate a good thing. To dance and drink and be merry. Everybody needs more of that in their lives. If you are interested in renting out some excellent party guests might I recommend The Fitzgeralds and the soon-to-be Eno's?? They. Are. Fun. Times.

I really do wish my sister and Colton the best. They are pretty great for each other. I have not a doubt in my mind he will treat her the way she deserves to be treated. He will take care of her, not that she needs it. So now the lovely couple is off to Santorini, Greece while the rest of us suckers stay back here.... I hope they bring me back something Greek....