who baby david is at 10 months

Ten months. Double digits people. I'm planning his first birthday party... I mean it's just nuts. I think this month just positively flew by. Possibly because Matt was MIA for half of it. Or possibly because this little guy got FAST. And exhausting. But here is some more about this little dude and his tenth month:

- He got his first pair of shoes. 

- He hugs me around the neck when I get him out of his crib. 

- He likes to unroll the toilet paper. Every. Time. 
- He leans in for a kiss on occasion. Just a lean. 
- He is a food moaner. Especially baby biscuits. 

- If you have a container that holds a beverage he wants it. Especially if it also has a straw. 

- I gave him a piece of a soft pretzel. He housed it. 

- His new wake up time is between 5 and 6:30 am. We naturally are thrilled with this development. 

- He uses the walker. And he's fast. 
- He says "ba" when he sees any sort of beverage. His bottom lip sticks out when he says this.
- That coffee table? Yeah he is all around it on his feet. Watch out.
- This kid wants to see the world. Tractor? Plane? Firetruck? Regular truck? Blowing leaf? Don't mind me while I chew on my stroller and stare.

- He hates loud noises. The vacuum. The blender. His father blowing his nose. Etc. 

//this is old hat ma\\

//and just like that. the baby is replaced with a boy.\\

//sit still? ha!\\

//my kids are climbers\\

And I cannot forget about my eldest:

- When I remind her to be good with company she says: No push. No bite. No fight. 
- She sings. All. The. Time. She's quite good too. She even knows the words to Mumford. 
- Eagle eye. You need to find that pesky black fly? Ask Letty. 
- Her newest phrase is: I do believe in fairies. I do. I do.
- She is incredibly rough with her brother. Tight hugs. Neck lifts. Yikes.
- On our daily walks she points to a random neighbor's house and says there's E's playset. Every time. 
- She wants to find the hop-bunny. This is any bunny in particular. 
- She is just talking more. Larger vocabulary. Longer sentences. More of her mommy's attitude and gestures. 

//this poor boy\\

//he never stood a chance\\