wednesday wednesday

We are gearing up for just a crazy fun busy weekend. I'm a huge fan of Memorial Day weekend and the traditions we've started, the pools, the BBQs, etc. What started as a three day weekend turned into four and hell this year we are at five. The fun started on Wednesday this 2013. 

Ever since Easter Letty has been asking if Nonna could go with us to Chocolate World in Hershey. She hated the ride at Easter mind you. So yesterday was the day. She was pretty psyched about it. Until we got there. Letty wouldn't let go of me. Baby D started screaming as soon as we went into the oven. Nonna couldn't hear. All in all a good trip. At least there was free chocolate. 

//girl meets good n' plentys\\

After Nonna went home we were joined by Aunt Holly for some deck/pool/margarita time. A typical day. 

//those curls. those eyelashes.\\

Holly had to make a beeline for home when this happened:

The weekend looks much cooler than as of late... But at least it will be sunny! Here's to the freakin' weekend!


  1. i love lettys face on the chocolate world ride. terror written all over it! haha

  2. I love how every time Let goes to Choc world it's a diff experience - from sheer terror to loving it. haha. You never know what you're gonna get :)

  3. Oh man.. I just moved from Lebanon (the not scary side) and my family made some sort of weird tradition of going to Hershey World whenever anyone came to visit. And I would get uncomfortable every. single. effin. time.

    I hate that ride.


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