on the perks of being without a husband

I told a minor fib in this post. Sorry readers. Matt has actually been out of town working in Indiana for the last two weeks. And like a good little girl I listened to what my daddy told me years ago and did not post the whereabouts of a certain husband online for the world to see.

Somebody is super excited that daddy's back!

There are many horrible things about being the sole parent for two straight weeks. Even more horrible when one parent is used to having a partner who works from home. I've changed my weight and then some in diapers. I've been woken up at 4:30 a.m. Sometimes I have forgotten to eat. I've had no naps. I have had to run while watching very motivating things like Monsters, Inc. and Snow White. I have had to dispose of SEVEN stink bugs (seven!) and one very large and very hairy spider.

But there are some perks to it being just lil ole me in the adult department here.

- I only have to make half the bed each morning.

- The toilets look way less frightening than when The Hubs is here.

- I don't run the dishwasher every day. Try every FOUR days.

- My laundry basket doesn't fill up instantly because of someone's work pants.

- I get to do invigorating things like mow the lawn for the first time in 18 years.

- I don't feel bad going to bed at 9:30.

- I get ALL the cuddles!

Yeah. And that's pretty much it. I've got to go. Matt's work pants are hogging up the laundry basket.

p.s. single mama's out there? I applaud you! I'm so lucky I only did the job for two weeks. You are amazing.