no sleep till east norwich

Today we headed north east to East Norwich (see what i did there?) for a party in honor of a first communion and a confirmation for two of my cousins. David stayed home with my parents since that kid needs to crawl. As in...always. And it was easiest/cheapest/sanest to only take one car. Letty was joined by her Aunt Beth and Uncle "Tolt" in the back seat, and armed with chewy sprees, we were off. There was rain. There was mist. There was traffic. It IS New York after all. Somehow we made it in just a bit more than four hours. Exactly 3 minutes early.  I really should make an attempt to take MORE photos... Especially of the older generations...But sometimes watching the kids/eating/wine interferes.

I give you, our Sunday:

//we ate all the food\\

//the sauders\\

//great uncle frank and letty\\

//i'm always thrilled to meet a good glass of red.\\

//specially made chocolate milk and all\\

//such a sweet cousin\\

//a girl needs a shirley temple every now and then\\

//aunt dana. need more cherries please\\

//candy table. huge hit.\\

//car fun\\

//car naps\\

//car candy since road sodas are illegal\\


//girls and their dresses\\

//are we home yet? matt is being a bad carmate\\

These day trips are always a good idea initially (although after 20 years of driving 7-8 hours for a 3 hour party we should know better). The day of the drive always brings a teensy bit of dread (7 hours! In the car! With a two year old!). But the family, the food and the wine (oh the wine) always make up for it in my book. And celebrating those two boys on their special day, can't forget that. So what I guess I'm saying is, here's to many more NY day trips!! 

Right Matt?????