get your circus here

Tonight thanks to our oh-so-kind neighbors (and brother and sister-in-law for watching the kids) we were able to take Letty to Girl's First Circus. And I mean, we were in a box. If you find yourself in a situation where you will be going to the circus you should go in a box. The kids can wander. There is no crowd. There is no greed at seeing the $957 stuffed tiger. 

We arrived early enough so we could see the animals up close and personal. At first Letty wanted nothing to do with Dumbo. But the tigers won her over. They were safely behind bars as it should be. The horses were pretty cool as well. Especially the ones with the Mohawks. Legit. Not faux.

//we meet these lovely ladies\\

//great mom minds think alike\\

That done it was time for the pre-party. You know... You get to go down on the floor where the ice normally is and see some of the performers....some acrobats and silly looking clowns.. try on a costume or two...get a fake tattoo...get a clown 14 dollars for cotton candy...see a few ass clowns (definition: noun. one who, through the fault of his or her parent's conception, is a skid mark on society's collective underwear. Via Urban Dictionary and just because it made me laugh). All joking aside there was a lot of crack.

//Letty's first tat\\

//letty the non-participant\\

//we crack ourselves up\\


//get in the game letty. the nose plays\\

//letty wouldn't dance. but she would run and hug\\

Then the actual circus started. It was loud and colorful and I am not quite sure what I saw. I kept checking to make sure no one touched the elephants thanks to my mom and a certain Rob Pattinson movie. Letty danced and really didn't sit down for a second thanks to a rainbow slush (dad. ugh.). The fireworks made her cry. She was quite upset by how messy they were and told me to tell them to clean up! That's my girl!

//mommy my ears\\

//white dress. rainbow slushy. daddy's fault.\\


//and it's done\\

We actually made it through the end of a show. Letty fell asleep within 2.5 minutes of being in the car and is currently in her bed fully clothed. Don't judge. Thank you to our neighbors/friends extraordinaire for thinking of us!