ding dong the cast is gone

Our four week sentence is complete! Yesterday afternoon we took Letty to the orthopedic specialist. It was a very traumatic experience for her as she seems to have become quite attached to her little cast. For those of you who have never had a cast on I give you a step-by-step removal photo guide complete with hysterical toddler:

//before. happy\\

//we were assured that he was not actually hurting her\\

//the big reveal!\\

//a little milkshake will fix everything\\

She complained that it hurt her (which I translate for just stiff). But after a milkshake the smiles came out and then we were off to Build-A-Bear.

//this is a signature move. the hand behind the back.\\

//push the pedal the bear gets stuffed\\

//she chose a heart for her new friend\\

//Build-A-Bear is no fool. pink princess bear with disney princess feet? tinkerbell dress? SOLD.\\

//close-up. she was kind enough to make baby D a bear as well.\\

Yes the colors on this bear give me great anxiety. They don't match. Patriotic bows with a pink bear in a green dress? Oh the agony I'm in. Kids.

Overall she rallied just like little kids do. She was very upset about all the dead skin and wanted it all OFF. She enjoyed her first tubby. Within 30 minutes of tubby time she was putting weight on her arm and jumping off the couch. Again. We are working on the concept of NO RUNNING as well.... we are a work in progress.