day twenty-three: things no school taught me

1: Fast fingers.  No it's not a 'that's what she said' moment. Yes, I took a typing class way back in 1997. But I am one fast mother effing typer.  I took a quick free typing test and I am off the charts baby. Like 102 words per minute fast. How do you like them apples? Anyways.  How did I gain such a wonderful skill? I shall tell you.  Texting wasn't the rage back in my youth like it is now. I think I started texting in what... Junior year of college? No. It was Instant Messenger. Oh yeah. Up till all hours of the night holding five to seven different conversations and somehow not losing track and keeping up with all of the above. Amen 90's child.

2: Your mom and dad are really freaking cool. If you haven't gathered already this far in to my blog I really dig my family. I love them all. I would spend every day with them and I would be okay with that. I hope my kids feel the same way about me. There is this openness and anything goes vibe with us that makes us fun. No joke is too perverse (although Matt is trying). We laugh. We support each other. They are really the best.

3: Those well visits? The ones that your insurance pays for? The ones that your Human Resources department encourage you to go to? GO. We are not invincible. We will age. We will get sick. Do everyone a favor and just go. To every appointment you can.  There is no weakness in that.

Tomorrow's post: my worst traits.