day twenty-six: i can read good too.

I first heard of Jack Andraka through my sister on kind of a long road trip. So I did cheat a bit and look up what he is all about. The guy is 15. Let's just let that sink on in. A 15 year old developed a dipstick similar to a pregnancy test that can sense a protein which is an indication of pancreatic cancer. As if his age or his invention weren't enough, it costs only 5 cents per test. Oh and add to that the kid said that if another researcher were to take his idea (he sent correspondence to 200 different professionals) he would be okay with that because and I quote "It was for the benefit of humankind." I mean.... Wow. 

What a wonderful discovery to help treat a horrible form of cancer that strikes silently and suddenly. The only upsetting thing about the entire situation is that we have to wait years for it to go through all the red tape needed before it becomes available. Oh and that I'm sure that pretty little price tag of 5 cents will no longer exist. 

But let's just clap our hands a bit for Mr. Andraka. The Boy Wonder. 
Tomorrow's post: I become a pen pal again and write to my readers!


  1. Awesome, I hope people listen to him. Trouble is, if a big drug company takes his idea and runs with it, they'll charge and arm and a leg.
    Selling Little Girls

  2. The last couple of trips here forgot I wanted to follow up with you the //, I think they detract from your titles and make reading a bit difficult. The may in part be the age of my eyes, but also I wonder if it hurts your blog ranking. I read several years back how that could be a problem. One of my blogs I us , as a means of being able to center the blog title to use my logo (it's my charity blog if you want to see what I mean, Bridge and Beyond. And it does come up a bit funny in a search.

    1. Thank you for your feedback! I went through and removed them. I was starting to get annoyed by them... All I needed was a little push. :)

  3. Great post. Guys like this restore your faith, don't they. I am going to follow it up and read more. Have a good day.


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