day twenty-one: my favorite posts

Firstly: HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!!! Okay so that's done. Moving on.

I have been a part of this great blogging world for not quite two whole months. Asking me to go through my "archive" and choose my favorite posts is 1) not that difficult and 2) kind of silly as I am new here. But I will do what the post demands, especially since I took a bit of a pass yesterday.

//see i hardly have any posts. and turns out some of my favs are the reader's favs as well.\\

I spent a great deal of time working on/explaining what the hell I was doing here on the great void known as The Internet. That was the first post. The first thing I sent out into the great void. So it will hold a special place in my heart for not BREAKING my heart.

I really enjoy writing about everyday life. Taking a photo on the hour every hour was all quite fun and silly. On a similar vein writing about all the little things I love gave me a snicker or two. Sometimes I think I can be quite humorous. Even if I am the only one snickering.

My post about my sister will get me every time and since we are in the midst of last-minute planning it is at the forefront of my current favorites.  Wedding guests may or may not hear a version of this on the Big Day. I may or may not be sober for this.

My husband would like me to include this post. So I shall indulge him.

Basically I kind of dig this blogging scene and there aren't too many posts of mine that I don't like. So I guess that's a good sign. I know what my popular posts are but what are your favorites? In this short short time I've been around? Anyone? ;)

Tomorrow's post: I'm supposed to rant about something. Batten down the hatches. Gird your loins. Etc.