day twenty-nine: top tunes

Favorite five songs? Of all time? Of the year? I'll just broadly say 'recently' and throw in a lifetime one for fun....because I like a lot of music so it's nearly impossible to narrow it down.

The first three bands I saw in concert in this great year of our Lord 2013. They have a special place in my heart because they are awesome and because I was in the same room as the musicians. Did I mention they are awesome?

I love this song. No explanation needed.

2) Mumford & Sons. I physically cannot pick one song because I love them all equally. I mean all. I can't link to YouTube because well that would be a lot of links. When I first heard Mumford I listened to their first album over and over again for six months. I preferred to play it over Christmas music which is a pretty big deal for me the month of November and December. And possibly October if we are being honest. Mumford is just that good. Letty can sing along with Mumford. She's hip. 

1) Ben Howard - Only Love. I neglected to take photos of him performing. Probably because we were far away and I was too damn excited about who was coming on after him (that would have been Mumford). This song is great. I listened to it on repeat for a long time. Which is how I roll when I find a song I love.

This song I first heard on the Lost soundtrack. And I love Lost. Add a beachy feel. Calming lyrics. I listen to it a lot. I just picture Hurley with his huge headphones on looking around surveying the survivors going about their business. Big hair. Big guy. Etc.

This is one of my lifetime favs. Also from a soundtrack. Also from one of my favorite movies. Bed of Roses. It was probably my first "adult" movie/romance and I watched it with my mom. I love everything about this movie and this song. I even love Sterling Silver Roses. I'm sorry I'm not sorry.

While we are on the topic of songs I love I must mention my least favorite song of all time. I doubt many people have such a strong reaction to a song like I do with this one. Ugh. I Don't Want To Miss a Thing by Aerosmith. Typing it just makes me annoyed. I first heard this little beauty while watching Armageddon.  Naturally. Then I had my 15th birthday and my boyfriend at the time played it on repeat the entire night while singing it to me. The. Whole. Time. Over. And. Over. It was so incredibly awkward and uncomfortable and I hated it. It was a huge radio hit that summer as well so it was always on. If it comes on the radio now I instantly change the channel. After grumbling and saying UGH! at the top of my lungs of course. Oh and I have not watched Armageddon since.  Sorry Michael Bay.

Add it to the list of reasons I need therapy. ;)

Tomorrow's post: I react to letting go.