day twenty-four: my worst traits

I tend to be pretty negative about myself so this won't be that hard.

I have a bad temper (or to clarify, my attitude). I think this would be The Hubs first one if you secretly asked him. The temper actually has drastically improved, but my tone and facial expressions I'm sorry to say have only gotten worse. I'm quite the sullen teenager when I want to be. I'm condescending. I'm infuriating. I'm sarcastic in a not-funny way. I'm nit-picky. I'm always right.

//i have no idea where she gets it\\

I am inconsiderate. Yup. I am the most unthoughtful person I have ever met. It never occurs to me to do anything nice for someone. It's not that I don't want to once someone else has suggested it... It's just that I cannot come up with ideas on my own. I also hate greeting cards.

I always expect the worst in people. I always expect them to be untrustworthy. To be late. To lie. To not really like me. To not really get "it".

I feel like I need a cuddle or something. Except another bad trait of mine is I dislike physical affection.

Tomorrow's post: something I was told about myself I'll never forget.