day twelve: how I miss thee

Yeah sure, I miss a lot of things...

I miss late nights on the deck with wine and cigars.
I miss going to bars. All the bars. 
//senor frogs in the bahamas. clearly very sober.\\

I miss having a disposable income. 
I miss high heels. 
//these were my favorites. ever. and double-fisting.\\

I miss my Jetta. Sniff. 

I miss having painted nails for longer than a day. 
//i'm sure frankenstein agreed\\

I miss uninterrupted sunbathing. 
//i also miss my stomach\\

I miss going to the movies at night instead of a matinee. 
//midnight showings of twilight and harry potter!?\\

I miss taking off for an impromptu weekend somewhere.
//baltimore booze cruise\\

I miss sleeping through the night. 
I miss flying. Like on airplanes.
//nothing a good ambien couldn't remedy\\

I miss skiing.
//the swooshing\\

Nah I'm just kidding I don't miss any of that. ;)

I have kids now. And that's just PERFECT.

Tomorrow's post: I have to apologize.


  1. it really is inevitable to miss being single, but you're a mom now!! HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY TO YOU! <3

  2. Thank you!!! It is pretty great!

  3. Hahah "clearly sober" too cute! I miss my little Volkswagen too!

  4. It was my little whip. Just not great with car seats.... Perhaps as a mid-life crisis thing I'll get another? Ha.


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