day three: enough of the awkwardness

Things that make me uncomfortable? OH WHERE DO I BEGIN??!

- Silent yet occupied restrooms.
- Public speaking.
- Confrontation (may come as a shocker but its true).
- Singing in church (but not at a concert. Go figure? Wine involvement maybe).
- Silences in conversation.
- When I can't remember someone's name.
- People who chew with their mouth open/drink loudly (yes Matt I'm talking about you).
- Any show/movie/book that depicts any sort of sexual assault. Blatant or eluded to.

While I'm at it things that SHOULD make me uncomfortable but don't?

- Hurting people. Let me elaborate. Need your back waxed? Sure I'm there! You need a shot? I'm your gal. Splinter? Let. Me. At. It. I once pulled a hair out of Matt's nose with a cuticle cutter. Ha.
- Loudly expressing my opinions at a restaurant all while pretending the waiter cannot hear me. Passive aggressive at its finest.
- Trying really hard to make people laugh in a small group setting (NOT a public speaking format).
- Pretending I don't see someone I don't feel like talking to.

Tomorrow's post: I discuss my favorite quote.