day thirty: letting go reaction

Letting go. I am to react to this. Two things come to mind instantly and neither of which are probably the intention of this topic.

One: Let Go by Frou Frou. It is a great song and definitely worth a listen. It reminds me of college. Of meeting Matt. Of Garden State and of The Holiday. There is beauty in the breakdown. So there.

Two: the final few episodes of Lost. John Locke tells Jack Shephard he has to let go. Which really just opens up a whole can of worms. Let go of the missing body of his father? Let go of trying to win his father's love/forgiveness/respect? Let go of Kate? Let go of trying to 'fix' things? Let go of this limbo world that you all are hanging out in? I've watched that show three or four times through. I still don't get it. Moving on.

I'm sure the goal of this topic was to get some deep thing out of bloggers. And I just have far too much I'm holding on to to take this seriously and let go. ;)

Tomorrow's post: a vivid memory.