day thirteen: lawd, I apologize

Today I am supposed to issue an apology. Something I LOVE to do (just ask Matt). In fact, I despise apologizing. So if you get one from me, know it took a great deal of work for me to psych myself up to do it. I might have practiced it in the mirror of my bathroom. Maybe. Consider yourself lucky. Special. What have you.

So today, my special readers, you are witnessing a rare event. You are witnessing me issue an apology. Ahem.

I am sorry that I am loud.

Yes. That's it. I apologize. This trait of mine comes in handy once in a blue moon. A concert. A sporting event. A packed bar. When we are really far away geographically. If I need to get your attention. It does NOT come in handy in group settings. Classrooms. Plays. Libraries. Movie theaters. Life in general. It is quite deafening and takes some getting used to.

//my loud voice actually made a piece of this glacier break off. true story.\\

Now lucky for you, special readers, you only have to read my words. You aren't subjected to the sheer high decibel level in which I conduct daily conversation. If there is more than one conversation being held in the room I just go up a level so I'm sure to be heard. Blame what you will.... I'm originally a New Yorker. I'm Italian. I'm one of four children. I have a need to be heard. I like to talk. Maybe it's that I drink too much coffee. All viable reasons and all contributing factors. Mostly it's just ingrained in me.

//espresso in piazza navona. those italians were out-louding me. it couldn't be.\\

When I was a kid my mom referred to me as Screaming Eagle. I even built a car for Awana and called it that. I fear my daughter may have inherited this trait as well. Matt has ear plugs don't worry.

//it's a riddle.\\

I tell my daughter that "I'm sorry" means that you are going to try to not do it again. Well I am sorry that I'm loud. But I'm not really sorry. It's me. My name is Laurie and I'm a loud talker.

//here i am yelling. oh wait. no that's my sister. perhaps it's hereditary?\\

This really went in the direction you thought when you clicked on this didn't it?

Tomorrow's post: Things I feel giddy about.