day ten: red face moment

I am typically a foot-in-mouth kinda girl. So the embarrassing moments just really add up, and choosing one is a particularly difficult task.  I could pretty much just say most of high school I'd like to "bury my head in the sand." I mean really. The drama. The stuff I hope Letty never learns of and so wish she will be better at dealing with than I was.  Then there are a few shameful parenting moments of mine (side-eye Canada and certain brothers and certain steps. Ahem.)  These may or may not get me reported, so they shall remain in my brain alone (I'm joking. Or am I?) But there is a moment I'll share...Shudder.

One fine Spring day in fifth grade (while I was in a wheelchair mind you, story to come at another time) a boy was running around our table 'island' with a girl's something. I don't know, a pencil? Details. I reached out to remove said item and grabbed a handfull of his balls. I was 10. It was the most horrific and mortifying moment of my life heretofore. And probably since. Are you laughing at me? Please don't, it haunts me. I won't tell you his name, but it's ingrained in my mind. I think he was just as completely ashamed as I was. Or I guess I should say he was in just as much pain as I was yet his was of the physical sort.  I never told my parents because I was pretty sure that what happened was a wrong thing to do. Ever. So there's more red-faced-ness happening right now because they are probably reading this. Sorry mom.

Since then I got really good at repression.

Tomorrow's post: I have to sell myself. Yipee.