day six: what i do

I no longer have a job per se. I guess I could insert a cynical comment something among the lines of oh but I WORK. But that's not me. Cynical. Ha!

So. What do I do?

Why I'm a housewife silly. But I don't cook. Oh and I don't grocery shop. And my husband works from home. More realistically I am a mom. I'm a wife but probably don't make that as important as it should be. I'm a runner. I try to read.. I should probably add a metric on that for next year's performance appraisal. I should also list daughter, sister, friend to that list as well if we are being thorough.

So that's me. Do I meet expectations? Above? I strive for above. I included a photo of myself in my natural habitat. I enjoy visuals.

Tomorrow's post: Boo! I fear stuff.