day seventeen: photog time

Choose a favorite photo of myself and explain why I like it so? When I read today's post topic/a task I wasn't crazy about, I asked Matt what his favorite photo of me was. He instantly responded with the below image. So I shall let him describe why.

Today's post brought to you by...the one...the only...The. Hubs:

"Ok so I was asked to do this post by my incredible wife. First of all you need to realize I begged and pleaded her to do this blog. This girl will say certain things that just need to be shared with the world. Not to mention she is the most BRUTALLY honest person I have ever met. I have to be honest I dig it father. She critiques everything I do from cooking to wine to raising the kids.  Don't get me wrong I like it - she keeps me on my toes. 

She asked me to take a photo and describe why I like it. I chose this photo. To be honest I have no idea where the hell the photo was taken at or when. I literally saw it for the first time when she posted it as her Twitter profile picture. This picture sums up Laurie to the proverbial "T."  She is very cute in this pic but yet that smirk means something. To be honest after every conversation with someone or double date she asks "Was I ok, did I put off that eff you vibe?" I always respond "no."  But this picture sums her up and I love it. There are a million pictures of Laur and I chose this one. If I could jump into her head in this pic I would say that someone just said something and she wants and mostly needs to say "What the EFF are you talking about?" It's that smirk that I love."

Back to Laurie now. Number one, that picture was taken on a Celebrity Cruise Lines ship bound towards Bermuda (see I am already correcting him?). Number two, it was taken in August 2011 by my sister-in-law. She takes a good picture what can I say? Number three, who I am looking at is probably The Hubs. Number four, I feel like his description makes me sound mean and I would like to say he's wrong.... But I can't. Number five (yeah I got to five), the 'I dig it father' is a line from Wedding Crashers. We both quote movies in daily life. The end.

Update: My mom also loves this picture and I include her reasons here because they are very much true. I would only add that one additional thing I love about this picture is that it is so blue. My mom: "I think she looks totally relaxed, because she is enjoying many of her favorite things at that moment... A beautiful night, on a cruise, having a beer, with her husband and siblings, in a beautiful dress, with her hair pulled up and most of all because her daughter is back in the room with me and Dad!"

Tomorrow's post: Childhood fun.