day nineteen: favorite blogs

I already did this topic on my fav reads page. So I thought I'd mix it up and point out the bloggers I actually know. Like in real life.

where was it. This may or may not be my brother's blog. It may or may not be (spoiler it is) incredibly intelligent and witty. He talks about politics and sports which are naturally my THANG. But then there is the occasional travel post that I just go wow. Amazing.

between here and there blog. My sister-in-law Holly created this little beauty and has been my blogger-in-crime for the past month or so. Some of her posts give me a bit of the sniffles and others the snickers. She's going through a bit of a thing so lets all support her shall we?

chesire kat. Kerri is my BFF from college days. She flew south due to a general dislike of the snow. She is blonde. She is brutally honest. She's new here so we should say sup.

newlyweds in New York City. Rebecca is my neighbor's sister-in-law living the glamorous NYC life that I find fascinating (groceries are delivered!?). She's just as sweet in person as she is on her blog. Which is how it should be.

Tomorrow's post: I get real. Because everything else is just a facade???