day fourteen: ten favs

I could take the obvious route or I could take it elsewhere. So I shall choose the road less traveled. So in no particular order:

1) Fountain. Sodas. The bubbles make a party in my mouth. It's all about the carbonation. The straw. It's just... After a day of shopping/walking/sunning/living I really need me a fountain soda. Diet. Pepsi. Please. Largest size ya got.

2) Lines in the carpet after a good vacuum. 

3) Anything organized. By color. By shape. By size. I organize all the things.

4) Painted nails. I am a real girl!

5) Security systems. Like a bubble protecting this house. Just call me Kevin.

6) Chapstick. I could wax on for hours about how much I love/am addicted to Chapstick. I have them everywhere. I have spares everywhere. I panic if I don't have one near by. I panic at the THOUGHT of not having one near by. I just... I love them.

7) Dolphins. I once spent a large sum of money for a 6th grader on a dolphin ring in Hawaii. I am a 90's child. What of it? They are happy creatures. They communicate. Here's the ring:

8) My iPhone. It's with me everywhere. So it has to be one of my favs.

9) Ryan Gosling. I mean come on ladies. He's a Bernaise.
10) Seeing someone who just passed me on the road get pulled over. HA HA HA. Sucker.

Tomorrow's post: A day in the life of moi.