day five: i hear by declare my love for...

This day's post is supposed to be about a friend or a family member that I love. I didn't finish reading the description before one name popped in my head. Steph. Although I do love all my family and friends lets not forget that.

Oh Stephanie how I love you. Let me count the ways... You are my neighbor. You are my best friend. You are a part of my family.

She's probably reading this going oh Laur stop! But too bad. The post demands it. Don't deny the post.

Also prepare for schmaltz. It gets pretty gushy around here.

I met my neighbor the summer we moved in here. Summer of 2007. She was super nice and friendly, took initiative and introduced herself to me. I am so NOT nice. I may have thought she was probably a cheerleader (I was wrong).

Her husband is hysterical. Inappropriate. Kind. Generous. Genuine. He and Matt hit it off right away. How could you not? This is nice when both parts of a couple like both parts of another couple. It's something to hold on to.

When I was struggling to get pregnant I had one person who could listen to my endless blabber bordering on insanity. One person who got me. Steph. So yeah, I fell in love. ;)

Now we have two little girls that fight like sisters (frequently). We have two sweet easy going little boys that tolerate said sisters. We are always up for a walk and a 'hey I just need to complain' session. My favorite days are the ones we end up spending together. An impromptu lunch turns play time turns dinner. She totally gets me and there is never any judgement for days like these. I go to her for anything mom related. She's an encyclopedia of mommy knowledge and ideas and tricks. I heavily lean on her.

I could go on and on. Steph is a super mom. She works full-time and still can cook dinner for her family AND mine, all while prepping lunches for the next day. All well-rounded meals by the way. Don't deny it Steph. They are. Her children never miss an opportunity. Ice skating. Pumpkin picking. Bounce houses, you name it. She does anything and everything for them. She is incredibly thoughtful and considerate and kind. I actually go to her and ask WWSD? Yet she can make me feel like I'm not alone at the same time. Like she feels the same way and is in it with me. I love her and her family. We have a lot in common too. Same books. Same movies. Same wine. Same tv shows. We like the same people (although she is way more forgiving and always finds the best in people). And she takes care of me in the way only a best girlfriend can.

Example: After a year of trying to get pregnant she loaned me all her Harry Potter books with a sweet card suggesting I escape to another world for awhile. That's her. She knew exactly what I needed and she was RIGHT. She thinks of things that would never occur to me. That little thing that probably was like second nature to her meant the world to me. Obviously. And she introduced me to Harry Potter. You can't out a price on that folks.

It's very rare when you meet someone that makes you want to be a better person. Who affects you in a positive way. Someone you just love and get to hang out with all the time. I was just lucky enough to move in next door to one. So here's to you Steph!!

//i started bogarting avery at an early age\\

//we TOTALLY stalked out carlisle cullen at the mall\\

//fitzgerald/olsen/trovato holiday activities begin\\

//steph's cooking is so good i ate it ALL. as you can see here.\\

//dmb concert\\

//matching sunnies\\

//i was fall. she was spring. typical of our personalities.\\

//christmas time\\

//my favorite picture of us ever. i mean look at that butt!\\

//meatball cookoff\\

//welcome to the world baby liam!\\

//annual halloween gathering of the minds\\

//christmas eve 2011\\

//looking good for a little jingle bell run\\

//dutch wonderland\\

//welcome to the world baby david!\\

//liam is one. and we need a wax.\\

//our husbands. they love each other.\\

Tomorrow's post: What I do. Hmm...