busy weekend: day one

We like to just jam pack our weekends here like a bunch of crazy people...and this one might just be one for the books. Today: Dutch Wonderland (what else?) followed by a 40 minute drive from one end of a county to another entirely for a birthday party. Tomorrow? Oh yes a drive to New York for a first communion/confirmation. Naturally. 

There would be far too many photos for one post since I have a photo taking problem. So let's review day one:

//someone drove her first car on the turnpike\\

//four in a log\\

//another first. self-propelled train\\

//avery as the entertainer\\

//we hit the horns\\

//entertaining once more\\

//fitzs and letty do the panda\\

//all aboard!\\

//life and times of baby d\\

//letty and her Prince Charming? I say yes\\

//she has joined the Amish\\

//her favorite ride\\

After some car naps (the kids not us) we were off to York for Matt's cousin's birthday party. It's a semi-rare event when the Olsen's get together, but it's always enjoyable. Should happen more often. 

//baby D and the man of the hour\\

//with his great uncle glenn\\

//before letty went and broke the pot\\

//games cousins play\\

//apparently matt played with this as a child. full circle.\\

//working on walking with aunt sue\\

//I figure I may not get this many Olsen babies in the room at the same time. Missing only one.\\