bbq times two and a parade

This weekend. I'll tell you. I think I can finally feel myself getting older. I like to maintain that I haven't aged a day since high school but this weekend I feel it. Tired to the bones feel it. Which means it was a GREAT Memorial Day Weekend. I should probably go to therapy about how excited I get over holiday weekends. Especially now that I no longer work...

We ate a lot of great food to counteract any good I've been doing in the whole losing weight department. We visited with family and friends and we saw a parade! It was the best parade. Just you wait you'll just die it was so good.

First off was my brother-in-law Steve and his wife Holly's annual BBQ. What four years running now? I dig it people. I like the tradition. We arrived early to make sure we were well lubricated before the festivities began. Plus it's the best time to get pictures (some of these are hers) when the children aren't all cracked out running around like hyenas.

//look who is standing all by his onesie?\\

//aforementioned holly\\

//maybe my son likes dogs?\\

//these people know how to roll. which may or may not surprise you.\\

//it is quite impossible to get a nice family shot.\\

//i'm sad to see these sandals go into storage, but she has her father's hobbit feet.\\

//puppy love\\

//see what i'm saying? hyenas.\\

//twas windy\\

//watch let run\\

We left the party early as one does when one has little children. I think we may have tired out the other guests as well just by default. We also may have taught a pregnant girl a lesson or two. Maybe. Matt and I continued the party when we got home passed out by 10 p.m. 

And then came today. The reason for the season. My mom got wind of a Manheim Memorial Day Parade and being one all for starting new traditions/being festive I was all over it. Matt and my dad did not share our excitement. Grinches. I think I will forever remember pulling into my parent's driveway this morning and seeing my mom waving flags with a huge grin on her face. She looked so happy and I love it. Add it to the memory bank.

We anticipated enormous crowds and parked several blocks away. And we walked. And walked. We joined the throngs of people along the road. By throngs I mean a handful or two. Such a shame. Come on Manheimians. Show some support! Show some spirit! I sound like a cheerleader. Forgive. The parade started late which is kind of a bummer when one is containing a child to a sidewalk along a major road. But it started eventually. We saw: one police car, a handful of individuals from the army/marines/navy/etc., a girl scout and a cub scout troop, one bagpipe player, one high school marching band, four fire trucks and two ambulances. And a partridge in a pear tree. I have to admit the turn out was a bit disappointing. And although the lack of sirens was a good thing for my two I was a bit disappointed in that as well. But we went and showed our support and waved flags and the kids saw firetrucks up close and personal and Letty got some candy. So it was a success. Oh and we saw the parade twice. My dad and Matt were THRILLED. Newsflash guys: we will be going next year as well. Making memories.

//flag waving lesson\\

//i love these people. like a lot.\\

//first sighting: fire truck.\\

//he takes his trucks VERY seriously\\

//just so you can get an idea of the scale of this thing.\\

//waving to our servicemen\\

//flag waving tutorial number two\\

//second parade viewing\\

Since we were already ALL the way over in Manheim we just stayed for the remainder of the day in anticipation of BBQ number two of the weekend. More food. More drinks. More weight gained. We brought the bounce house over to my parents to contain entertain Letty. Which ended up being a big hit with the adults as well. The adults who weighed under 220 pounds I might add. We have a weight limit to abide by.

//monkey see monkey do\\

//i think little tikes should use this as an advertisement. it speaks volumes.\\

My family photographer/sister-in-law Ashley took some awesome photos today. You can check out photography site here. Enjoy these pictures that actually make me feel like this has turned into a legitimate blog:

You'll have to excuse my daughter's crazy hair. She was having a free-spirit moment. Also I had nothing to do with the size of her nostrils. You can blame The Hubs for that. Wink wink. And thank you Ash. As always these are awesome and beautiful.

//here is our new chalkboard wall! yes i wrote happy memorial day twice. i need a real eraser\\

So another MDW has come to a close. Happy Memorial Day everyone. And can I just add that I cannot WAIT to be done with the Blog Everyday in May challenge. Almost. There. 

p.s. That silly circus tattoo finally came off tonight in the tubby. Thank God.