baltimore color run

The Happiest 5k on the Planet. That's what they call it anyways. I've wanted to do this race for quite some time but it's either already sold out or I just had a baby. We got early registration (and a coupon!) this time so in we were. Other than a minor scare that could have been disastrous (missing team mate with all our packets and no cell!) things were going well. We took pictures. We peed. So on and so forth. 

//sister-in-law matching socks\\

//i won't tell you how i got my tattoo on. ok my spit.\\

//team mate extraordinaire who got all our packets. i mean. the best.\\

//our team\\

//my other sister-in-law is under that mohawk\\

And then race time came. And then race time passed. And we were still waiting. I read an estimated 25,000 people were participating in one of Baltimore's two Color Runs today. I guess they were letting people go in waves? We couldn't see or hear anything. We got annoyed. After 46 minutes of standing and not really getting anywhere people started jumping ship. Meaning moving barricades and joining runners passing us by. We think we missed the first mile of the race and the color yellow. Details. Bottom line we were nowhere near the starting line and had waited long enough.  So work on that for next time Baltimore. I digress. I put my iPhone in a plastic baggie and off we went running...

//ash threw around some yellow so we weren't nekkid\\

//this is what it's like in that cloud\\

//the people in the pink were frisky\\

We finished. It was basically a run around  Camden Yards. We didn't get too dirty based on the looks of things...

//our team after (minus two who escaped the corrals first)\\

Almost all the color washed out of my shirt. The green took a bit of coaxing to get off my skin. The tattoos... Well let's just say I shouldn't have put it on my face. The rest will go away with time I imagine... nothing some q-tips and a few tissues can't take care of. And Matt still thinks its the most ridiculous idea ever. But it was fun. 

Update: photos from Ashley:


  1. love all the pictures! Twas fun :)

  2. sounds crazy. glad you finally got to do it!

  3. I did one last summer! Believe me, that color sticks really well when it's 90 degrees and humid and you're drenched before starting the race. I was a mess...and then had to wear Color Run merch for the rest of the week so parents at the daycare I worked at wouldn't think I got beat up. Purple and blue down your arms doesn't look so good 2 days later. ;)

    1. I would imagine that hear would do wonders for the stickiness factor! That's too funny that you had to wear the gear all week! I did panic a tad when the tattoo wouldn't come off. Yikes!


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