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This weather let me tell you. Last Monday was pants and jackets and by last Friday it was bathing suits and kiddie pools. We have been outside. Like, a lot. Baby D and I are turning a lovely shade of brown all while Letty remains my Lady Fair. D might also go blonde this summer? Bets anyone? Looking through these pictures it seems like we spend a lot of time with our neighbors. And we do. We are Stage Five Clingers. 

As always, my lately according to my phone. 

//my Grammy gave me these little beauties\\

//boys and the grass\\

//final dress fitting for the bride. shoe pick-up for the matron and the flower girl.\\

//a little bounce house with the neighbors.\\

//more of my grammy's irises\\

//sprinkler fun with the neighbors\\

//the hubs and these qdillas. the best.\\

//a girl needs her sunnies. right side up or not.\\

//slip n' slide fun with the neighbors\\

//my little crab\\

Summer has ARRIVED.