andiamo iphone

Mother's Day weekend. Let's just say it was good. The Hubs went above and beyond. I feel like I barely lifted a finger. He took care of the kids. Changed them. Fed them. Disciplined them. Whatever. He set the table and cooked for my family. He really is just the best. I know I hit the jackpot. I am well aware. It is universally acknowledged I am spoiled every day, but Mother's Day took it to a whole new level.

We went to dinner at Iron Hill Brewery with our neighbors Saturday night. There was beer which I am very much a fan of. There is no photo of it because I drank it that fast. The Vienna Red Lager is just that good. Then we saw fireworks! Fireworks go hand-in-hand with summer. So... yay!

//i can feel the love\\

Then came Mother's Day. After a rough night sleeping (thanks Baby D) Matt let me sleep in till the late hour of 8:00 a.m. This is pretty much the best gift I could get. But I also got this sweet initial necklace that I've been eyeing FOREVER from Bip and Bop.

//thank God for the reverse camera on the iphone\\

Then my family came over for a banging dinner that Matt cooked up. My chef. Can I get an amen?

'Twas a good day.