a rambling strawberry adventure

Memorial Day Weekend brings many traditions for yours truly, and I am nothing if not a stickler for traditions. One of these said traditions is strawberry picking with my sister. I was really looking forward to taking Letty along this year and had been prepping her for days. We only pick the red ones. We do not eat any till we wash them. Etc. Then I heard that the strawberries would not be ready for picking till June! Say it ain't so! The weather has foiled my plans yet again! I went into a downward spiral only The Hubs can rescue me from. He is really quite sweet. After a great deal of Internet research and countless phone calls a farm near by (sort of) was discovered that had pickable strawberries! If you heard Letty say: I wan pick straawbewies! You too would have gone to these lengths. Oh and if you are married to me. That too. This farm is located in Churchville, Maryland. Only 65 miles from us! Basically in our backyard. Lest your eyes fall out of your head from eye rolling, I shall inform you that while living in Maine it was a one hour drive to the mall. Where I went on Halloween. To trick-or-treat. This drive was nothing.

So this beautiful Saturday morning of MDW arrived and true to tradition I went berry picking. We pointed the car in a generally southern direction and prepared for the hour and a half drive. You've done something this silly before right? I'll pretend you answered yes. It was a gorgeous sunny day. The open road. Lots of green stuff (trees). Little traffic (except for the bridge closure/trailer blocking the road. twice/detour we encountered which I'll promptly forget). It was a good idea I/The Hubs had. 

We found Brad's Produce easily enough. Creative name eh? I even met Brad. One step closer to Kevin Bacon.  I can feel it. Letty picked some berries. She listened to the instructions surprisingly well. The berries were larger/redder/riper than ones around here and the price was the same. Sold! To the crazy leggings lady from PA! We were able to handle the whole process even with D in a stroller. That kid. He's the most easy-going child. Ever. This place had trains too people. They know what they're doing. 

Then Matt suggested something he never suggests. Veering off our plan of action and gasp! do something unexpected. And even more shockingly, I agreed. He knew of this place called Port Deposit. Knew of meaning he had driven through it once. He said he thought it was a very cool little town right on the water. Having lived in New England for six years I had high expectations for a seaside riverside town, especially one with 'port' in the name. After I realized I was not in fact in Maine, it really wasn't such a bad town. There was a really nice promenade (fancy word for sidewalk-I know, I'm almost too much) down by the water which would have been perfect if not for the winds. I said: look how choppy the water is (and instantly my 8 year old Maine self smiled)! We walked past the three restaurants and went with the one that looked the most child-friendly. Lorenzo's Pizza. I'm a big fan of San Lorenzo I might add. Fate. Pizza was good. Fries were good. Lager was good (oh, yes Yuengling please, duh we aren't in Kansas Pennsylvania anymore). There was Mexican/Greek/Italian/fishermen decor on the walls and the staff had a slightly southern accent. But our waitress put on Sprout for the kids and that made our lunch. 

//shortly before we drove across the Susquehanna for the 653th time. this time over the conowingo damn\\

//oh and we drove by long level too\\

So I'm thinking I foresee more of these random unexpected travels in our future. Letty is much easier to entertain now. Baby D is laid back and will go and do whatever. I enjoy having a passing car "cheers" me with a bottle of beer (to clarify the driver did this). And just within an hour and a half we can leave the country. Who knew?

Tonight a new tradition: THE CIRCUS! No, I don't mean my life, I mean Ringling. As in, Bros.